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Google and Adobe have created an enormous, open-source CJK font

Liam Spradlin

Google and Adobe are both huge companies that care about fonts. Google is a company that is all about the internet, and Adobe is increasingly focusing on the web as well. As such, it's no surprise that the two might find themselves paired up for an adventure in digital type that aims to make the internet (and everywhere else) a better place.

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Quick Look: How to perfectly nail sentiment in advertising (Tokyo Gas)

Liam Spradlin

I've written before about the importance of sentiment in advertising. That is, the importance of making an emotional connection with the audience. It isn't a technique that works for every brand, but in some special cases, a brand can wiggle its way right into your heart with a well-written, thoughtful campaign.

That's exactly what Tokyo Gas did with a campaign starting over four years ago. The series of advertisements points out the role of gas in family life. Specifically, gas is used to cook food, and - the commercials posit - family meal time can essentially heal all wounds.

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Reshare: Google is making Android a beautiful, dynamic scrapbook

Liam Spradlin

As I've said from the beginning, Dadapixel is a place for me to write about and showcase things that don't belong on the blog I write for during the day - Android Police, and things that just wouldn't work on social media alone.

It isn't often that design-centric content and Android overlap so perfectly, but I published a piece to AP yesterday titled "Google is making Android a beautiful, dynamic scrapbook - a closer look at material design."

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Now Trending: Hamburgers

Liam Spradlin

There's been a lot of discussion in the Android community about hamburger menus recently. With possible designs leaking from Google that may show a different future for Android's established embedded hamburger menu, many users are wondering if the exposed version (where all three horizontal lines are fully exposed) is better functionally, or if hamburger menus even have a meaningful role in modern interface design.

This discussion goes far beyond Android, though, as the hamburger has been a surprising source of disagreement with many designers.

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Follow Dadapixel on Dribbble and Behance

Liam Spradlin

As I work on the next post for Dadapixel, I wanted to take a moment to put up a link to my new Dribbble account, and one for Behance as well. Thanks to Jovie Brett, I got an invite recently and became a "player" in Dribbble's far-reaching basketball-game-as-design-portfolio metaphor.

As for Behance, I'm currently working on putting together the first project, an overview of some of the steps I went through to design and complete Geode (which, at the time of writing, is the seventh best selling serif at You Work For Them).

I'm not sure where these new platforms will lead me, but here's looking forward to sharing more of my work!