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The August palette: Antique

Liam Spradlin

Yes, it's August and no, there was no July palette. Sorry! I spent July finding and settling into a new place in New York, and just generally adapting to life in a new city, and just didn't find the time to put out a new palette.

But - besides one other thing I hope to start this month - we've got a new palette now: Antique.

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Tutorial: How I use real paper in digital illustration

Liam Spradlin

Over the past few weeks, I've been sharing some "material" experiments - illustrations using real paper textures, inspired by the work Carl Kleiner did for Google.

I've had lots of requests for downloadable versions of the illustrations I've shared, so I thought I'd provide that here on Dada, but add a bonus: a tutorial explaining how I actually made them.

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