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I am Liam. Dadapixel began in April 2014 as a place where I could write (and - in the process - learn) about design, advertising, and other creative matters.

Since then, it's grown to encompass my freelance business, the DESIGN NOTES podcast, and so many other projects. So I've relaunched the Dadapixel brand across four sites, unifying their design and experiences to best share what I'm up to. Check out some highlights below, or navigate to one of the full sites.

An archive of selected Dadapixel posts will be available soon.


Project Phoebe

Mutation means we can design every app to work for every person. Project Phoebe is an open-source exploration of mutative design. Learn more about how we can allow interfaces to evolve naturally.


Humanity Centered - DESIGN NOTES with Airbnb's Steve Selzer

In this episode, I had a chat with Steve Selzer, Experience Design Manager at Airbnb. Originally I met Steve at MCE in Warsaw where he gave a talk on designing friction into products intentionally, an idea that sounds counterintuitive but one that highlights the importance of reflection and self-actualization in every experience.

In the episode we covered the idea of humanity-centered design, how designers can think of themselves and their products in relation to a user's life, and how to avoid a dystopian on-demand future.

UIUX, Code

Design & Code: (re) launching Dadapixel

Brand new sites for Dadapixel, IAMLIAM, Design Notes, and Project Phoebe have arrived. Read more about the process, rationale, and difficulties behind the sites from design to code.